BHD Technical parameters

Block size: 2MB

Block generation rate: 3 minutes

Replay attack: 2-way protection

Total supply: 21 million pieces

Development team: 2.1 million pieces (10% pre-excavation)

Promotion team: 1.05 million pieces (5%)

Miners mining: 17.85 million (85% for miners)

Initial block size: 15BHD / Block

Halving cycle: 4 years

Initial TPS: 70 transactions per second

BHD Mining method

Conditioned Proof of Capacity (cPOC)

BHD community



Some questions about BHD

A1: Building an energy-saving and environment-friendly mining structure is the BHD team’s vision. Burst-based Plot data, early capacity collection can be achieved without any additional waste of hard disk/power resources. Sufficient time is allowed to develop new Plot formats and file storage schemes while ensuring network and transaction security.
A2: BHD is open source, open source address:
A3: BHD and Burst can dual-mine, Burst's block time is 4 minutes, BHD is 3 minutes, the block time difference is to make the dual-mine possible for these two coins.
A4: The main task of BHD team is to debug cPOC code and underlying file storage code, At the current capacity collection stage, adopting mature Bitcoin wallet code can reduce the amount of code maintenance workload and improve system security, Compared with BTC wallet, BHD has made further optimizations:
a. Block size increased to 2M/Block;
b. Block time is adjusted to 3 minutes;
c. The initial block reward is adjusted to 15BHD/block, and the block becomes larger;
d. A single block can contain more transactions to increase the transfer speed;
e. Block time is halved to increase the transfer speed;
f. The initial block reward halved, giving the community more time to gather resources. The miners now can share more benefits, while maintaining the total coin supply of 21million;
g. BHD wallet has added the function of of conditional capacity mining;
A5: Storing content is not the vision and goal of BHD, BHD is a complement to the encrypted digital currency and consensus mechanism, and BHD will focus on the cryptocurrency system of value storage, IPFS takes storage as its vision.