BHD wallet updated to v1.1.2.10-7b4ea1f

Updated On September 12, 2018

Update Log:

Wallet has been updated to v1.1.2.10-7b4ea1f version.
1.The new BHD consensus is enabled and the new decision algorithm is adopted for double digging.
2.Optimize out block logic, and bifurcation will take precedence over the best deadline.
3.Add the mortgage information display in the debug window.
4.Add a new RPC interface getpledge、getpledgeofaddress、getplottermininginfo,easy to view mortgage and double dig information.
5.Replace BTCHD in wallet for BHD and BitcoinHD.

* Make sure the machine time and network are synchronized within 60 seconds.
* The block version of the new wallet is 0x20000004.