Notification of the BHD consensus upgrade

Updated On September 11, 2018


To prevent the miners from spreading their computing power and preventing consensus computing of wallets from affecting mortgage calculations, BHD tied the Plotter ID to the wallet in 2016 blocks for about a week. For the same Plotter ID blocks to multiple addresses according to the punishment of cheating, 70% of the block reward to the foundation, 30% to miners. The problem is that someone else maliciously used another Plotter ID to extract the block, causing both parties to follow the cheating process.

New rules

BHD's new consensus computing power will use a combination of wallet and Plotter ID to prevent both cheating and malicious attacks. This prevents the miners from spreading their calculations in a malicious way that avoids collateral, but it also prevents others from using the same Plotter ID to attack.

Description of consensus algorithm

Example 1:Miner A has A force of 100 petabytes, miner B has A force of 1 petabytes, their Plotter The ID is the same, and different wallets are being chunked. In this case, the mortgage of both miner A and miner B is calculated as per 101PB, and the mortgage of miner A is 1% more than the actual amount, and that of miner B is 100 times more than the actual amount. If miner B is a vulnerable party to the attack, it is likely that he will be unable to remain exposed to the high level of collateral and will choose to re-post the offer.
Example 2:Miners A and B have the same force, their Plotter The ID is the same, and different wallets are being chunked. The miners had to double their mortgage to get 95% of the payment. Miners A and B can continue to improve their calculations, letting their mortgages continue to rise and competing with the unsupportable to regroup.
Example 3:Miner A has Plotter ID1's 10P of force, Plotter ID2's 20P of force, so the calculated force is going to be the sum of the Numbers, which is 30 petabytes, and the amount of the mortgage is going to be 30 petabytes


It has no effect on those who get 95% of their payments in the old wallet, while those who get punished for not having enough collateral in the old wallet still get 30%. For those who were punished for double-digging in their old wallets, the new consensus purse offered a 95% reward for cheating by raising the amount of collateral to prove there was no incentive to do so.
For both old and new wallets the outgoing block will be chain verified and no fork will be generated.

Inquire about double digging information, wallet collateral and penalties

You can query the Plotter ID and the wallet address in the search box of BHD's official block browser, and you'll see all of the Plotter ID that the Plotter ID outputs to calculate the force and the Plotter ID that the wallet is bound to.

Figure 1. Plotter of address correlation ID information(

Figure 2. Address to which Plotter ID is bound(


Blocks between 92642 and 97716 heights, giving the foundation an extra 65 per cent (16.25BHD) for penalties resulting from double digging, will be returned. The height after 97716 to continue using the old wallet will not be returned, and 97716 will be reached around September 19, 2018. BHD will announce the list of subsidies and the amount of subsidies after 97716 is reached. Please make sure there is more than 1 BHD balance in the mining address used at that time. If not, it is deemed to have been discarded and no refund will be given.