Important notice about v1.1.4.2-1bd1f48 wersion wallet update

Updated On September 16, 2018

Update Log:

Wallet has been updated to v1.1.4.2-1bd1f48 version.
The v1.1.2.10-7b4ea1f version of the wallet may have serious problems that cannot be converged after the fork, which will make the miner's block completely invalid. Please update the version of the wallet to v1.1.4.2-1bd1f48 as soon as possible.
After installing the v1.1.4.2-1bd1f48 version of the wallet, execute the "reconsiderblock(getblockhash(94000))" and "rescanblockchain" commands in the debug console of the wallet to reconnect to the main chain.
Please verify that the current main chain height and block hash are consistent with the BHD Block Explorer. If the main chain still does not match the block browser after the appeal command is executed, delete the local block data and resynchronize the block data. Please also ensure that the error between machine time and network time is within 60 seconds.

This problem only affects miners, and has no impact on other users, but still recommends upgrading the wallet.