Description of mortgage double mining.

Updated On Setpember 3, 2018

A description of the mortgage
1. How to calculate the mortgage?
The calculation of the amount of mortgage is based on the proportion of the wallet of the previous 2016 blocks multiplied by the average computing force (TB) of the previous 2016 blocks, and the calculation force multiplied by 3 is the mortgage value. Ideally, the value is your current actual power *3, and there will be a fluctuation of 20% or more depending on how many blocks you have.
More wallet mortgage information please go to address to "" to search your purse.
2. Mortgage is not a punishment mechanism
Less than 30% of the mortgage will be paid out in a lump sum (25), with the rest going to the foundation

Description of double digging
1. What is double digging? How to determine?
Blocks of the same Plotter ID output in the 2016 blocks were sent to different wallet addresses that were determined to be double-dug. The purpose of the double dig design is to hypothecate the calculation depends on the computational force, which is reflected in the Plotter ID out of the block, so put the wallet address and the Plotter The ID is bound, and the time is 2016 blocks, about 1 week.
2.What is "malicious double dig"? How can non-malicious dugouts return reduced block bonuses?
The malicious double digging manifests itself in dispersing one's computing power to multiple wallets, evading the determination of the computing power statistical cycle of 2016 blocks, so as to achieve less or no need of mortgage. For non-malicious double-digging foundations, delayed block grants will be issued, followed by detailed algorithms that can be verified by all participants.
3. Double dig penalty mechanism
Less than 30% of the mortgage will be paid out in a lump sum (25), with the rest going to the foundation.
4.Reasons for the follow-up intervention of the foundation
The consensus mechanism is to protect miners from the normal block due reward, punishment mechanism is very clear. The foundation, as a community supporter, has the obligation and authority to deal fairly and justly with situations such as "malicious double digging".
5.Whether the foundation's involvement will affect consensus?
Consensus is fair to any participant, consensus that no one can manipulate the chain. The foundation's involvement is simply to maintain a reasonable interest in chain contributors through explicit algorithms.