Mortgage for BTCHD mining , more benefits as you wish.

Updated On Setpember 1, 2018

According to the rule of BTCHD mortgage mining algorithm, in order to enable miners to obtain maximum mining benefits, it is suggested that miners should conduct BTCHD mortgage mining according to their own calculation power. Specifically, the miner's mortgage value = the miner's earnings as a percentage of the pool's earnings * the pool's mortgage value. Currently, the recommended mortgage value is 3BTCHD/TB calculation power.For example, for miners with 100TB ,it is recommended to mortgage 300 BTCHD for mining. Hpool will adjust the miners' rate of benefit between 10% and 100% (after deducting the pool costs), based on the miners' calculations and actual mortgage values. That is, if the miners do not mortgage any BTCHD for mining,the rate is only 10%; If the miners are fully mortgaged, the rate is 100%.