BHD wallet updated to v1.2.1.4-db9ce00

Updated On January 19, 2019

BHD wallet updated to v1.2.1.4-db9ce00,This version of the wallet began to do the binding limit and the unbinding limit at the height of 134650, which played a role in preventing mortgage cheating, which was reached at 2:00:00 on January 21, 2019 GMT time.

1.Binding limit
When changing the wallet to the computing power that has been bound to other wallets, if this computing power has not been blocked in the past 2016 blocks, but the bound wallet has been used by other computing power, then the binding of this computing power. The operation will trigger an anti-cheating mechanism that requires a 16.35 BHD transaction fee for the binding, of which 16.25 BHD is destroyed and 0.1 BHD is used as a packing fee for the miners.
When the block is used to calculate the block or the 2016 block after the binding is reached, the restriction is released.

2.Unbinding limit
For the 2.5% of the computing power of the entire network, there is no unbinding limit.
If this power is out of the bound wallet, the unbinding period will be limited to the 2016 block after the block is released; if the power is not in the wallet but the bound wallet is counted Force out of the block, then this calculation must be bound to the wallet after 2016 blocks can be untied.

This restriction needs to be soft-forked for consensus, and it is compatible with forwards. All miners need to upgrade to a new consensus. Otherwise, they will continue to pack the blocks in the old consensus to the transactions that are judged to be invalid in the new consensus.

This may cause the v1.2.0.18 version of the wallet to fail to sync block data. Please update this version of the wallet in time.