BitcoinHD Foundation Officially Autonomous Community Statement

Updated On May 9, 2019

Dear BitcoinHD(BHD) Community Members:

With the development of BHD ecosystem, BHD will gradually move towards community autonomy, reflecting blockchain's concept of decentralization. The BitcoinHD Foundation officially identified the community as 'BHD Community' and the public wechat subscription as 'BHDCommunity'. All activities of the BHD Community are limited to promotion of BHD and POC. All other business activities are not authorized by the BitcoinHD Foundation. Without the consent of the Foundation, any commercial activity carried out in the name of BitcoinHD (BHD) would been seen as unauthorized. In the case of any fraud, infringement carried out in the name of BHD or if any negative result comes from the aforementioned, the BitcoinHD (BHD) Foundation retains the right to take legal actions.

Declared Hereby

BitcoinHD (BHD) Foundation
9th May 2019