Announcement | Source Code Update

Updated On Jun 19, 2019

BitcoinHD updated the address format, signature and BHD Wallet, based on the source code of Bitcoin v0.16.0 (4b4d7eb). Details as follow:

1. Append the "btchd" string to the location that needs to be signed, referring
The append form is “ss << std::string(“btchd”);”;
2. BHD Wallet only supports the P2SH address, and the P2PKH is not supported. Address generation rules are the same as Bitcoin;
3. An address will be generated in BHD wallet by default and set to "preferred address” once a new wallet being created, which can be obtained by “getprimaryaddress”;
4. The default change address of the wallet is the "preferred address” mentioned before;
5. The "getnewaddress" in the RPC interface is modified to the alias of "getprimaryaddress", and no more new address;
6. The wallet address can be generated in batches via the "keypoolrefill" interface and exported via “dumpprivkeys”.

All related service partners should pay attention to the logical consistency after above update. Please adjust in time if there are any conflict.