ANNOUNCEMENT | BHD will be launched on CoinAll Exchange

Updated On July 4, 2019

Dear BHD Community members: 

BHD will be launched on Coinall Exchange: 

Deposits Time: 2019.7.4. ,17:00 ( UTC+8 )
Open trading Time : 2019.7.5. ,17:00 (UTC+8)
Withdrawal Time: 2019.7. , 17:00 (UTC+8)
Open Market: BHD/USDT

CoinAll is the first practice platform under OKEx100 open exchanges. As pioneers, they hope to work together with partners to create an open exchange centered on  community, users and project parties in order to open a revolutionary chapter in the exchange industry. They committed to achieve win-win situation. CoinAll currency is released through trading mining, and it will gradually release  CAC to the community members, then distribute the daily income to the community members. Coinall will truly share benefits with its communit numbers.  
BHD Community 
4th, July, 2019 9:00a.m. (GMT+1)