The BHD Foundation and Community Jointly Initiated Donation for the Reconstruction of Notre Dame

The BHD Foundation and Community will jointly launch a charitable donation for reconstruction of the Notre Dame after the fire. Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris was founded in 1163, It is one of the biggest Christian churches and one of the most iconic buildings in Europe. On April 15, 2019, the cathedral caught fire and has been seriously damaged.

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Donate to Notre Dame

The BHD Foundation and Community has decided to give their support to the reconstruction of Notre Dame, hoping that the treasure of human civilizaiton can be passed on generation by generations.

Raising Phase: 28th Apr. 2019 – 30th May 2019

1. Open to: BHD Investors, BHD Miners, All BHD Community Members and Crypto enthusiasts.
2. Amount: 2100 BHD coins minimum.
3. Address: 32o74tGPuKUWMbCn1ctDsriU6ruGv2FkuZ.
4. The BHD Foundation itself will donate at least 1000 BHDs.
5. The address of all donors will be posted on the home page of the BHD official website.

Notes on participation:
1. All the BHDs raised this time will be used for the reconstruction of Notre Dame de Paris.
2. The BHD Foundation has reached agreement with Notre Dame Charitable Foundation.
3. The donation address is: 32o74tGPuKUWMbCn1ctDsriU6ruGv2FkuZ, users can check real-time status.
4. All rights reserved to the BHD Foundation for this event.

Donation Time Donation address Donator Donation Amount